Frequently Asked Questions

Do you provide an API for your service?

A basic API is currently being developed, the public beta is currently available. Details are available here.

Can I use this with a Windows Server?

Yes Linux, BSD, Windows, Router OS and all other modern Operating Systems are supported. Some backend communication methods may not be compatible with certain Operating Systems.

  • The Reverse Proxy method is supported on all Operating Systems and platforms
  • Tunnels are supported on Linux, BSD, Windows and many Routers

Do you support UDP, TCP or HTTP ports? How many can I have?

UDP, TCP and HTTP can all be forwarded to your backend server. You may add up to 50 ports to be forwarded and 10 port ranges. If you require more than this a DMZ entry can be used to forward all ports for either TCP or UDP (or both) to a specific backend server.

Is there a max number of connections or sessions (any protocol)?

We do not arbitarily limit the number of possible connections beyond the limitations of the technology used. Any technology limitation is measured in the tens of thousands scale and hence is unlikely to be reached. All resources, including connections have an element of fair use - we have a responsibility to ensure Quality of Service for all of our customers and we do wish for you to keep this in mind if applicable.

Can I forward non-port based IP protocols (i.e IPSec, IP-in-IP or GRE)?

No we can not currently support this.

Can I run XYZ service?

Services running over TCP, UDP and HTTP (Layer 7) are supported. Port Forwards, Port Ranges and DMZ's facilitate the protection of almost all services imaginable.

Do you provide a Dedicated Server, cPanel access or a VPS with your protection service?

No, we provide Remote DDoS protection. We do not provide hosting or servers.

Can I get an additional IP (IPv4) for my service?

Each service is based around a single IP or set of paired IPs in the case of Multihomed services. Additional IPs are available in the form of additional services.

Why is the GeoIP information for my service wrong?

GeoIP data is usually pretty bad for most serious services. Like most large companies most of our services are Anycast, meaning our IPs are announced in multiple regions. No GeoIP database (that we are aware of) supports multiple country entries. For these IPs GeoIP data is wrong.

We attempt to notify third party database maintainers of the correct Geographical information of all IP allocations as appropriate, however these companies and organizations move at their own pace. The GeoLocation of all IPs are handled by different governing bodies that issue those IPs, as well as third party vendors maintaining their own databases. In most cases the registration country of an IP allocation is that of the owning company jurisdiction, in our case Australia. If there is a discrepancy it may be resolved in the future, feel free to make a suggestion to the appropriate database through any submission form if available.

Can I set a PTR/Reverse DNS value for the IP address provided

In most cases a custom PTR value for your filtered IP address can be set via the control panel. By default all IP Reverse DNS values are set to a hosted alias at which resolves back to the IP address.

Is your GRE tunnel NAT'ed?

Yes, in order to ensure the most accurate filtering, allow for multiple backends and to preserve limited IPv4 resources all Tunnels are NAT'ed. Routed tunnels are available for Network Protection services (/28+).

What is this Tunnel? Can I browse websites with it?

The Tunnel backend connection method is intended for the protection of servers. It may also be utilized for protection of gaming clients. It is not intended for anonymous browsing (including Bittorent). To combat this appropriate logging of outgoing communication is performed.

What does Limited Availability mean?

Limited Availability offerings are functional products and features that are enabled for general sale as part of an incremental roll-out strategy. Limited Availability offerings may have a reduced publicly available feature set and some features may require support contact.