Smart design means smart features.

A Flexible System

Enterprise-level engineering and support for leading industry technologies.

  • Geographically-Diverse Datacenters
  • Edge Caching
  • HTTP/2 by default
  • Maximum Compression
  • Anycast DNS
Global Presence

Our Global Presence places our servers close to your users for maximum performance and minimum Latency. Our global presence allows you to avoid the requirement of choosing a single location to base your services, our Anycast services are based in many locations around the world.

Edge Caching

We allow pages to be cached on our server. This means they are only fetch once for a long period of time. This decreases bandwidth usage and speeds up page load through reducing latency for your visitors. This is optimum for the serving of static files that rarely change.


HTTP/2 is a replacement of the protocol used by the World Wide Web when you load a Website. The focus of the protocol is on performance. Specifically this improves the end-user perceived latency, network and server resource usage. We enable HTTP/2 by default on all HTTPS ports and services.

Browser Compression

At X4B we utilize the latest compression technologies including Google’s Brotli, and the more standard Gzip/Deflate HTTP compression. By compressing the content of HTML (and other text based pages) the total page or download size can be reduced resulting in faster load speeds. Brotli compression is enabled by default in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox for all HTTPS ports and services. Brotli is available for all backend connections to supporting web servers.

Free Premium DNS

2 Zones at a partner Premium Anycast DNS Provided are included free of charge with every service.

  • High Availability Services
  • Load Balancing Capability
  • Fully Redundant
  • Multihomed Network
  • Service Monitoring & 24/7 NOC
High Availability

Our services are built to always be available, and to aid you in the same. Whether its load balancing or backup routes over tunnels our system can help you achieve your uptime goals.

Load Balancing

Backend Load Balancers are included to aid in your traffic management needs. Scale your application to never before seen heights while providing High Availability through redundant backup peers. Our platform provides the functionality required with a variety of configuration options are available depending on your requirements.

Full Redundancy

It’s a fact of life that no system, hardware or software is perfect. But through the development of Anycast network services and in-house developed live migration technologies allow us to achieve a level of redundancy not seen elsewhere. We have the capability to handle without connection or service interruption failures of most varieties.

Multihomed Network

Our network is multihomed between multiple companies and datacenters providing redundancy against targeted attacks or upstream company wide issues.

Monitoring and 24/7 NOC

We make extensive use of automated monitoring to alert our technicians of potential issues before they escalate. Should the worst occur our NOC Technicians are on-call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to handle any incident in a timely manner.

  • Customer Dashboard
  • Simple & Easy Billing Options
  • Immediate Insight
Extensive Dashboard

Services are fully maintained through a dashboard interface directly available to you; the customer. No slow or cumbersome support tickets to make changes required. In addition to configuration data gathering and troubleshooting, tools are available in the dashboard to enable self-diagnosis of any issues experienced.

Simple Billing

Our plans are simple and based around a small number of variables. No complicated Amazon Web Services style billing with hundreds of billable items, just a specific Tier and a Plan for a specific amount of bandwidth. Everything else is included from BGP Sessions to a near unlimited number of Tunnels or Port Zones.


No black box here, get insight into the platform's behaviour with our reporting options. Live and Weekly reports of DDoS Attacks received and the Mitigation action that takes place. Clearly see events that take place to ensure that your site or service continues to run smoothly.

  • Hardware Filtering for maximum volume and minimum latency.
  • Software filtering for complex threats and maximum protection.
Hardware Protection

By utilizing specifically-designed hardware, attacks of large volumes can be mitigated at high performance on less hardware. This hardware executing ACLs at the edge of the network can mitigate large attacks far beyond the capacity of Software Mitigation taking place on servers.

Software Protection

Enterprise mitigation solutions today require a level of flexibility only provided by many layers and heuristics. By layering a Final Software Filter level we can mitigate complex attacks with a high degree of accuracy and flexibility. This second stage of mitigation ensures that no attack traffic makes it through to our customers.

  • Support for not just websites, but most game servers, applications, and platforms.
  • GRE/IP-in-IP tunnels or Reverse Proxy
Platform Support

We offer full support for Linux distributions and Microsoft Windows Server. Basic support is available for all platforms through Reverse Proxy based backends. To provide full support for windows we have developed our own in-house application for providing GRE & IP-in-IP tunnels free for all X4B customers.

Application Support

Full support for all reasonable applications. Game Servers, Webservers, chat servers – our protection platform does the rest. Tutorials exist for many common applications including:

  • Web Servers
  • Minecraft
  • Half Life; Dedicated Server (including Garry's Mod, the Counter Strike series, etc.)
  • DDoS Protection
  • Blocking of bad bots & crwalers without interfering with search engines.
  • Blocking security & port scans
  • IDS: Filtering of brute-force attempts for reduction of threat.
DDoS Protection

Our service is designed to be secure from the ground up with DDoS protection implemented at the very core of our system.

Intrusion Detection System

Our Intrusion Detection system performs many tasks to improve the overall security of your system
1. Rejecting access to compromised and malicious servers found to be participating in large scale brute force attacks.
2. Prevention of many types of vulnerability, port scans, OS fingerprinting and other devious activities.

Bad Bots & Agents Filtered

Search Engine bots and good intentioned spiders are allowed by default, while misbehaving and malicious web crawlers and bots are blocked by default. Our intelligent systems are able to learn from the patterns exhibited and automatically identify new bots while conducting analysis on their intent.

  • Available on a best-effort basis 24/7
  • Managed service available for purchase
Available 24/7

Unmanaged service support is available on a best-effort basis 24-hours a day, 7-days a week on a best effort availability typically within minutes. Support is available via the ticketing system and email.

Management Available

Service and server management available as a per hour add-on at reasonable rates.

X4B Defends Against

Volumetric Attacks

  • TCP/UDP/ICMP Flood
  • NTP/DNS/SNMP etc Amplification
  • IP Packet Flood
  • DNS Recursion

Semantic Attacks

  • Bogus Packets
  • TCP Reset
  • Unsafe Protocol
  • Reassembly of large packets

Layer 7 Attacks

  • Request Saturation
  • Malformed HTTP Header
  • Range Resource Consumption
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