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How can we help?
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How we provide support

We do support a bit differently at X4B: the same engineers who build X4B day-in and day-out are the same people you engage with on our support channels. This means you may have to wait a bit longer for a reply (but rest assured, we will reply as soon as possible) however the you can be certain the person replying to your inquiry understands the X4B system completely.

Create a Sales Ticket

Communication in sales tickets will be limited to sales requests; we will not respond to account support requests until you log in and raise a support ticket from an authorized account.

Note: As you are not currently logged in, we require that you provide an email address for contact.
Send an Email

If you prefer you may email us at instead of opening a ticket.

Please note that for security reasons under no circumstances will support for account matters be provided via this chanel.