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X4B Networks
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Global DDoS Protection

Providing service no matter where you are

  • Global coverage through many PoPs.

  • Minimum continuous protection of up to 100 Gbps and 100 Mpps available in all cities.

  • Burstable Filtering of 500 Gbps and 500 Mpps available.

  • Layers 3-7, Volumetric and Semantic Attack Protection.

  • Anycast Network for rapid international deployment.

  • Performance enhancements: Edge Caching, HTTP/2, Brotli & Keep-Alive.

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Internationally Located

Geographically-Diverse Datacenters

North America / US
Miami, FL
Dallas, TX
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA
New York, NY
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Roost, Luxembourg
London, United Kingdom
Tokyo, Japan
Serving Around the World

Whether you are a small, locally-based company or a large international corporation, our geographically-diverse set of datacenters throughout North America, Europe & Asia will keep your services online and protected from the corners of the globe.

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