DDoS Protection

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Singlehomed / Budget

One filtering server location with a Dedicated IPv4 for your service that all customer traffic will be routed through. You should aim to get this as close to your backend server as possible for minimum latency and maximum performance. Budget services feature Unlimited shared protection with no mitigation quality guaruntees or filter flexibility.


Multiple filtering servers in different geographical regions. Attack and Clean traffic is routed to the closest available PoP for maximum performance. PoPs are monitored and malfunctioning or overloaded PoPs are removed from the available pool allowing for a graceful fallback to the location with the most protection.


From $7.00 / Month
  • Affordable Best Effort Protection
  • US or EU location
  • Soon


From $8.00 / Month
  • Affordable Premium Protection
  • US or EU location
  • Prices


Variable Pricing
  • Maximum Reliability & Performance
  • Flexible PoPs
  • Prices