Frequently Asked Questions

Help! I forgot my password, what do I do?

You can reset your password from the Forgot Password page. We will confirm your identity using your email account before resetting your password. After receiving your reset password via email we recommend that you change it in the control panel from the Account Details page.

How do I update my contact details?

From your dashboard, select Account Details. From there you can change all relevant account details including:

  • Account Password (Confirmation Required)
  • Email Address & Email Notification settings
  • Add & Remove Single-Sign-On (SSO) accounts

How can I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your service at any time paying only the difference between your current plan and the new, your renewal date will not be adjusted.

You can downgrade your service at any time, your renewal date will not be adjusted. Subsequent renewals will be billed at the lower plan rate.

Changes to billing modes will be made at full purchase cost. This means that changing from Monthly billing to PAYG will result in the forfeiture of any time remaining.

Can I change the Filtering PoP (Location) of my service?

Yes you can change the Server or Filtering PoP of your service at any time. This will result in a new IP address being issued. If this results in an upgrade between service tiers your account will be billed for the difference in cost.

Do you provide managed services or hosting?

No. We are an unmanaged service provider - if you experience issues with your service, you can reach us via Support Ticket. However, if your ticket is requesting us to "do something for you" do not expect a favorable response.

That being said, despite being unmanaged if your enquiry is easily answerable or possibly the subject of service improvement we can try and help. Please however be patient, if your ticket does not pertain to a service related issue it will be treated with lower priority.

Do you provide an SLA or uptime guarantee?

While we endeavor to maintain 99.9% uptime for all servers we do not provide a guarantee at this level. Unfortunately the nature of this industry and the risk imposed by attacks which can be drastic in size and vary in complexity does not lend itself to reasonable SLA risk. If a network outage on either our side, or on the side of our (direct) upstream provider results in an uptime of less than 99% for any month you are eligible to receive an account credit equal to twice the value of the time offline.

Can I have test IPs for your locations?

Sorry, due to frequent abuse directed at test IP's in the form of large attacks (waste of resources) we do not provide test IP's at the time. If you would like to get a latency measurement (i.e ping) or traceroute feel free to open a support ticket and a staff member will complete it ASAP. Please ensure that ICMP is enabled on your server for the test to be most accurate.

What is your policy on XYZ?

Is it illegal? If so please go elsewhere. For information regarding our policies please see our Terms Of Service (TOS) and Acceptable Usage Policy (AUP)

I have a monthly plan, what happens if I exceed my bandwidth limit?

If you exceed the clean bandwidth limit of your purchased service your service will be suspended temporarily until an upgrade is purchased or the end of the billing period and subsequent renewal. We will never charge overage fees or fees for clean bandwidth of any kind on Monthly services.

Can I restore a service that was terminated?

If your service is terminated for whatever reason (cancellation, expiry, non-payment, etc) it is not currently possible to restore the configuration or settings. If you contact us via Support Ticket before the IP address is allocated to any other customer we may be able re-allocate to a service existing in your account.