DDoS Protection

Geodistributed DDoS protection with Monitored Failover
via Anycast DNS for maximum flexibility


Attack load may be shared between locations to provide protection against larger attacks. Locations are flexible based on your requirements. End users will always be connected to their closest location.


IPs are monitored from atleast 10 distinct world wide locations. In case of service interruption the location will be removed from the service allowing other locations to handle connecting users.

Need only one location? Try ordering our single homed DDoS protected services for maximum flexibility and to get the best value for money.

1. Locations

Location Guaranteed Protection Burstable Protection Additional Cost
Amsterdam, Netherlands Amsterdam, Netherlands100Gbps / 100MppsNoneSold Out!
Ashburn, Virginia Ashburn, Virginia100Gbps / 100MppsNoneSold Out!
Bucharest, Romania Bucharest, Romania150Gbps / 150Mpps+500Gbps / 500Mpps
Chicago, Illinois Chicago, Illinois15Gbps / 15Mpps20Gbps / 20Mpps
Dallas, Texas Dallas, Texas15Gbps / 15Mpps20Gbps / 20Mpps
Dallas, Texas (2) Dallas, Texas (2)15Gbps / 15Mpps20Gbps / 20MppsSold Out!
Las Vegas, Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada100Gbps / 500Mpps500Gbps / 500Mpps
London, United Kingdom London, United Kingdom100Gbps / 100MppsNoneSold Out!
Los Angeles, California Los Angeles, California100Gbps / 100MppsNone
Los Angeles, California (2) Los Angeles, California (2)100Gbps / 100MppsNoneSold Out!
Miami, Florida Miami, Florida100Gbps / 100MppsNoneSold Out!
NYC, New York NYC, New York100Gbps / 500Mpps500Gbps / 500Mpps
Netherlands Netherlands250Gbps / 250Mpps1500Gbps / 600Mpps+
Roost, Luxembourg Roost, Luxembourg100Gbps / 500Mpps500Gbps / 500Mpps
Roubaix, France Roubaix, FranceUnlimited Basic Shared ProtectionNone

2. Plans

Plans last 30 days and include variable amounts of clean bandwidth. Attack bandwidth is not billed and protection is the same between all plans.


3. Summary

Locations Selected:
Protection Max:
Protection Sum:


All selected locations are monitored by no less than 10 separate geographical diverse servers. Should any selected PoP be overwhelmed with an attack, or for any other reasons offline it will be removed from the pool.

See the status of any location at any time from the supplied control panel.


Anycast GeoDNS to share attack traffic between multiple locations ensuring users are served by a server closest to their Geographical location for maximum performance.

Advanced functionality such as Edge caching, SSL and geographically different tunnel endpoints (GRE/IPIP/IPSec or Reverse Proxy modes).

Maximum Protection

By combining multiple locations and network carriers we can cost effectively provide protection that best suits your specific needs.

Under most attack load is shared between all selected locations, should a location be overwhelmed only that geographical region is effected until the monitoring rectifies the situation.