Protecting a Starbounder server with a DDoS Protected Reverse Proxy

Starbounder is a pre-release/beta sandbox & adventure game available on Steam. Our staff quite like this game and its popularity is on the rise. One of the most demanded Indie game to be released in quite a long while! This tutorial covers the protection of a public Multiplayer server.

Step 1

Ensure that your server is running and connect-able. The computer you wish to run this on will need to be publicly accessible. If you are behind a NAT'ing connection (e.g home connection) this means that you will need port forwards or a DMZ entry set.

We advise that you test this by getting a trusted individual outside your network to connect to your backend IP and confirm this.

Step 2

Ensure if you or your provider has any firewalls on your network (e.g CSF) that the proxy IP is whitelisted or that the firewall is disabled (recommended).

Step 3

Pick a suitable package from the available DDoS protection services. A suitable package is one not located (geographically) too far from your server location (or your primary user base). Multihomed services are also available and are suitable for larger servers.

Step 4

Go to your Dashboard, then on the IP go Action > Edit. From here you can manage the ports.

You will need to add a TCP (RP) port from 21025 to 21025 on your backend (your server IP). Click Add Port and complete the details like shown. When done save the changes made.

adding the starbounder proxy

Step 5 - Testing

After waiting for the changes to take effect (see the progress bar) try to connect via your proxy IP. If you have issues see the troubleshooting section below.

Debugging / Notes:

  • If you have slow performance ensure that the proxy location you have chosen is close to your server

  • Most issues (unable to connect, interruptions) are caused by firewalls or issues with the backend. Please ensure that you do not have a firewall enabled and that neither does your provider does not before contacting support. It would be much appreciated,