How Billing Works

Billing is handled in a fairly simple way on our site, however there are intricacies you should be aware of.

Payment terms

All payment is in advance. Money is added to your account, and this balance is then used as a wallet from which all costs incurred in your services are deducted. Payment rate depends on the service payment method, there are two:

PAYG: With Pay As You Go money is deducted from your account balance at small intervals, approximately once every few minutes based on your usage and the percentage of the monthly fee. This means you are billed both for the IP address and the bandwidth you use.

Monthly Billing: With monthly billing funds are deducted at the start of the contract. Funds are then deducted every 30 days from this date.

Bandwidth Billing

Most plans have a bandwidth cost associated with them. The bandwidth referred to is the data transferred between both the client and the reverse proxy and the reverse proxy and the back end. For more information refer to the Bandwidth Calculation page.

Paying via Credit Card

One-off payment of invoices via credit card is available on the Invoice page for all invoice types. Recurring credit card payments are currently not available. To make payment via credit card first convert your invoice to $AUD. Your invoice and service will remain pegged in value to the $USD price of your service.

Why $AUD and how do you determine this exchange rate?

Our payment processor for credit card payments (Square) performs payment processing in the merchants (us) native currency. This means to process your payment we are required to first convert the $USD value of your service to $AUD for processing. In order to do so fairly we use TransferWise’s exchange rate for the day of Invoice generation to perform this conversion. To ensure the Invoiced amount exactly corresponds with the amount billed we require that the invoice is converted before credit card payment can be made.

Will I be charged any fees to pay in $AUD or convert my invoice to $AUD?

Your credit card provider may charge a fee to make payment in a currency other than your native currency. We do not charge any fees for conversion.

How does adding funds work?

  • Adding funds to your account or paying an invoice is automatic.
  • Funds will appear in your account as soon as the transaction clears.
  • Funds can be added through Paypal, Square and Bitcoin (via BitPay).
  • Use of unauthorized accounts will result in an IP and user ban.
  • Disputes or chargebacks will result in both a negative balance (funds removed) and all services may be terminated.

We do not tolerate fraud and participate in fraud reporting database FraudRecord

How long does it take for payments to appear in my account?

Paying via eCheck may take 5-7 days to clear, your funds will appear in your account after this time. Credit Card and Account balance payments usually take only a few seconds to clear however occasionally may take up to a day. Longer delays are particularly common if paying from a new unknown source or if using an unverified Paypal account.

If your payment takes longer than 48-hours and is not a eCheck, please contact Paypal.

To be safe you should allow a few days for funds to clear for a worse case scenario when paying due bills or topping up your account.