Calculating Bandwidth Billed

Where the Bandwidth is recorded

Bandwidth is recorded at the network level (IP Packet size) for TCP/UDP traffic and HTTP payload level for cached traffic.


If two services share the same backend communication IP, owner and backend address then the usage will be combined into a single billing account, that is the usage will be aggregated into the usage of a single service.

This is a temporary limitation of the billing method which uses address pairs for logging. If you desire we are happy to move any services you have to seperate backend communication IPs if you desire. Most users prefer this however as it allows for the purchase of a single larger service with the larger & cheaper bandwidth tier plans.


Unless an overage agreement is active for your service Monthly services are suspended upon reaching their bandwidth allocation.

Overage rates can be enabled (at the rate of PAYG bandwidth) on accounts without pooling enabled. Overage is billed from account credit in this case (similar to PAYG). The availability of this feature is subject to good account standing.

Transfer Pooling

Transfer Pooling is an optional feature which can be enabled on verified Business accounts and select end user accounts (subject to review). A pool is established between non-discounted services from the same Region (or Anycast tier). Each service may use up to it's own plan worth of additional pooled bandwidth (+100%).

For example:

Scenario 1

Service A: 4TB plan, 3TB used, transfer limit 4TB (1TB remaining)
Service B: 1TB plan, 1TB used, transfer limit 2TB (1TB remaining)

Scenario 2

Service A: 4TB plan, 1TB used, transfer limit 4TB (3TB remaining)
Service B: 1TB plan, 1TB used, transfer limit 2TB (1TB remaining)

Scenario 3

Service A: 4TB plan, 1TB used, current limit 4TB (discounted)
Service B: 1TB plan, 1TB used, current limit 1TB (0TB remaining)

To have transfer pooling enabled on your account please contact support.

Please note the following:

  1. Transfer pool re-calculation is performed on a regular basis and is not instantaneously applied to existing services when a new order occurs
  2. Exceeding the total transfer pooled for a tier will result in service suspension of all monthly services in the account for that tier