Warning: This article is considered legacy. It is either obsolete or references old unmaintained software. Please use your best judgement as to the relevancy of this article.

X4B Does not provide IPSec+L2TP VPN services any more. GRE/IP-in-IP tunnels are far superior and recommended instead. This tutorial is maintained for general information only.

This tutorial contains the steps required to an IPSec + L2TP VPN for use with your X4B service. This tutorial assumes you have already added a VPN to your service and you have the details (secret, username and password) on hand. Only tested on Windows Server 2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8. You should ensure you have KVM / VNC access to your server in-case you loose networking.

Step 1

Goto the Network and Sharing Center and click Setup a new connection or network

Step 2

We need to Connect to a workplace and click Next

Step 3

Select VPN

Step 4

Enter your Proxy IP in the Internet Address field. The Destination name is a description field.

Step 5

Once the VPN is created go to your adapter settings and goto its properties.

Step 6

In the security tab and set the options as described below.

Step 7

Click advanced settings and enter yout IPSec secret (Pre-Shared Key).

Step 8

In the networking tab click on "Internet Protocol Version 4" opening its properties dialog

Step 9

Click "Advanced Settings" and disable the default gateway. Set a high metric such as "9999".

Step 10

Now connect to your IP. You will be prompted for a username and password. Once connected you should be able to ping the VPN Gateway at

Step 11

In an administrator command prompt execute: route -p add mask {INTERNAL_IP} metric 9000

If you are adding multiple VPN connections you will need to lookup the interface ID in the interface table (at the top) and execute the following command: route -p add mask {INTERNAL_IP} metric 9000 if {INTERFACE}

Restarting your server

After a restart you will need to re-connect to the VPN.


Ensure you have at-least one port utilizing the VPN at all times, the VPN will not be configured on the filtering server unless there is a port referencing it. Ports that reference VPN's are "(Tunnel)" suffixed and refer to a backend starting with "VPN".