Warning: This article is considered legacy. It is either obsolete or references old unmaintained software. Please use your best judgement as to the relevancy of this article.

Best Ports for UDP in Budget Locations

We recommend using the following UDP ports / port ranges in Budget locations. These ports have specific optimised profiles for their usual usages. We always recommend using UDP ports > 1024 and less than 30,000 where possible

53 (DNS)
1194 (OpenVPN)
3074 (XBOX)
5060 (VOIP/SIP)
5061 (VOIP/SIP most likely)
9000~9999 (Teamspeak & others)
22000~22200 (GTA:MP)
27000~29000 (Steam)

This list applies only for UDP. TCP ports are generally unrestricted. UDP ports outside of this range may not work when under mitigation.