Warning: This article is considered legacy. It is either obsolete or references old unmaintained software. Please use your best judgement as to the relevancy of this article.

No two plans are created equal. Here is a quick overview of the classes of service we offer.

Protection Distribution

  • Shared: This is the lowest (and cheapest) form of guarantee. This figure represents the amount of protection we offer to all our clients combined. We try and avoid this where possible, preferring to make Best Estimates.

  • Best Effort: The amount of protection under normal circumstances you should be able to receive. This usually means we have 3x as much protection available or a good statistics base to fallback on. This method of distribution benefits greatly from discount through bulk purchasing allowing for a huge discount from Dedicated offerings.

  • Dedicated: This amount of protection is provided to your IP independent of any others. This is the highest quality of protection and very pricey.

Protection Types

  • Onsite: The provider has protection hardware and bandwidth on site. When under attack there should be no great affect in latency. We also class permanent tunnels or routes in this category.

  • Offsite: The provider outsources protection on-demand when under attack. This can mean increased latency during an attack. This is usually much cheaper than on-site protection.