The following applications are known to work on our service. This is not an exhaustive list, most protocols and services should work.

  • HTTP(s) Servers

  • Mail services (POP, SMTP, IMAP)

  • IRC

  • Minecraft

  • MangOS/trinityCore (via GRE tunnel and Linux / Mikrotik router)

  • Game servers (e.g HLDS)

  • Habbo Hotel

  • DNS is not supported either on Romanian DDoS protected services or UDP Reverse Proxy ports (in any location). A Tunnel must be used for DNS traffic. UDP DNS is unavailable in Romania.

Almost any service running on TCP and UDP will work with our service. However client IP forwarding support is only available for a limited number of protocols. If you would like this, and your protocol supports this please contact support.

Certain ports below port 80 require administrator approval. DNS (53 UDP) is unavailable in Romania. Contact support for more information.

Additional Unavailable ports:

  • UDP 1701 - Used to provide VPN services for Windows DDOS protection

  • UDP 500 - IPSec NAT

  • UDP 4500 - IPSec NAT

  • UDP ports greater than 45,000

  • TCP ports greater than 50,000 (and 45,000 in certain locations)

  • Budget locations may have certain uncommon, commonly attacked ports filtered or blocked.