• Adding funds to your account or paying an invoice is automatic.
  • Funds will appear in your account as soon as the transaction clears.
  • Funds can be added through Paypal, Payza and Bitcoin (via BitPay).
  • Use of unauthorized accounts will result in an IP and user ban. We take fraud very seriously.
  • Disputes or chargebacks will result in both a negative balance (funds removed) and all services may be terminated. We do not tolerate fraud.


Paying via eCheck may take 5-7 days to clear, your funds will appear in your account after this time. Credit Card and Account balance payments usually take only a few seconds to clear however occasionally may take up to an hour. If your payment takes longer than this, please contact Paypal / Pazya. Should that not be helpful, also open a support ticket and we will contact Paypal / Payza from our end.

To be safe you should allow a few days for funds to clear for a worse case scenario when paying due bills or topping up your account.